Spaces and uses

Functions planned for the top sphere

Uses have been placed inside the top sphere. First of all, we find a Transfer Plant where visitors change from panoramic lifts to internal lifts in order to distribute the flows into the sphere building. The second floor contains two important elements: the Kitchen that serves the restaurant, and the TV Studio.

The Panoramic Restaurant is located on the third floor, coinciding with the equator level of the sphere. With dining area placed over a revolving platform, it has a capacity of 100 people seating, and other 25 people at the café area. The lighting system creates an intimate and warm atmosphere, but it has been regulated to avoid at night reflections over the sphere surface.

Fourth floor contains the Observation Deck, with a surface of 250m2 and a capacity of 200 people. Here visitor can enjoy with the magnificent views over Batumi and the Black Sea coast. Just over there, they can see the Pendulum, the protector of the tower: in case of strong wind, the motion of this big mass can be observed.