Design details

Special features of the structure


Surface materials

The helix was made with a light material called deployé. This is an aluminium sheet defined by thin waves which creates a double vision effect depending the distance from the tower. In addition, it opposes very low resistance to the wind.




The letters

Made also in aluminium, Alphabetic's letters holds inside a LED structure that define the outline of the letter. They were mounted at the workshop and hanged on the helix from the ground level.



Communication core

The tower has five lifts for people and service flow from the ground to the different levels of the sphere. The total rise of the tower is divided in two lifting systems: two panoramic lifts from the ground to the transfer level and two internal lifts from the transfer levels to the different levels in the sphere. That's the best way to manage and control the flow of people.
There is a service lift from the ground until the restaurant level for freights and service staff.


Other elements and areas

In the restaurant level, the floor turns around under 40 wheels, 20 of them motorized, describing a complete circule in about 60 minutes.

Floors hasn't direct contact with the interior surface of the glass sphere, we avoided joints and structural interferences so users will feel like being inside a bubble. There is one exception with the kitchen, this space is closed with light partitions in order to avoid the pass of smells to the restaurant area.

Designing water and electric services was difficult because pumping and evacuation is affected by the tower's height. Those facilities reach the sphere through two small conductions placed next to the service elevator.